Firmenich-Novozymes unite to launch TasteGEM® combined with Saphera®

Firmenich, a leading fragrance & flavor company, and Novozymes, a biotechnology company, have reportedly announced the launch of TasteGEM® SWL with Saphera® lactase.

TasteGEM® is a natural sugar reduction solution, which has been combined with Saphera®, a cutting-edge lactase solution. This technology helps in offering an unprecedented natural taste performance of the product, enabling a significant reduction of sugar content in yogurt & other dairy products by 50%, without the usage of sweeteners. This solution has been exclusively made available in all major markets across the globe.

According to Firmenich’s President of Flavors, Emmanuel Butstraen, the company has been focusing on new innovations in the food & beverages industry, as consumers are lowering the level of sugar intake. Additionally, it has partnered with Novozymes to build its industry-leading, proprietary sugar reduction capabilities and offer uniquely optimized dairy products with balanced nutrition and delicious flavors to consumers.

As per the statement made by Novozymes’ Chief Science Officer, Claus Crone Fuglsang, the company is excited to partner with Firmenich to bring a new innovation to the market. Their combined expertise has aided the diary companies in improving their existing portfolio as well as developing new products that will serve the growing health-conscious consumers who prefer dairy products with high nutritional properties such as low calories and sugar.

The patent-pending technology, i.e. the combination of TasteGEM® with cutting-edge lactase solution Saphera®, has enabled the solution to reproduce the naturally occurring sweetness of milk. Moreover, the solution produces a superior tasting product as well as enhanced flavors with authentic sweetness and high creaminess at lower lactose levels.

Firmenich is targeting to provide comprehensive sugar reduction capabilities in the food industry, allowing customers to achieve a successful balance between the nutritional profile and taste. In 2019, the company’s sugar reduction technologies have enabled its customers to save nearly 300,000 metric tons of sugar, which is equivalent to around 1 trillion calories.

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