The Metropolitan Transit Authority, a public benefit corporation for transportation, is reportedly intensifying the sanitation process of its fleet of train cars and buses. The vigorous sanitization process has been recently taken up to curb coronavirus spread in the New York city. According to Patrick Foye, Chairman and CEO of MTA, the agency will sanitize all subway cars and buses until the virus is contained, through workers armed with disinfectant. The agency will disinfect the entire fleet in every 72 hours as a precautionary measure. Additionally, subway stations, MetroCard vending machines and turnstiles will also be sanitized across various transportation services such as the Metro-North, Access-A-Ride, and Long Island Rail Road. Mr. Foye further added that the agency is taking up these significant measures to ensure that the system and New Yorkers remain safe from the coronavirus infection. Workers will use disinfectant to scrub down the subway regions including various systems such as handrails and turnstiles to ensure deep cleaning across 124 LIRR stations, 21 Staten Island Railway Stations, 472 subway stations as well as nearly 100 Metro-North stations. The massive cleanup initiative in the New York city comes along the heels of the discovery of a second person infected with the coronavirus in Westchester County. Government officials reportedly claim that the 50-year-old infected man suffered from underlying respiratory issues. While the man did not have any records of traveling to the places that are on the watch list of the coronavirus infection, he had recently visited Miami. The deadly coronavirus has claimed the life of over 3,100 people, with more than 92,000 infected patients worldwide, most prominently in mainland China. The MTA has a ridership of nearly 5.4 million on each weekday. Tony Utano, President of TWU (Transit Workers Union) Local 100, has reportedly stated that the agency’s officials and chief hatchet man of the authority are planning for 2,700 jobs cuts. However, considering the present situation, Mr. Utano is suggesting that the authority consider the move carefully before embarking upon it. Source credit: