·         MTBC has deployed video telehealth service for clinicians to fight against the opioid epidemic. ·         This technology gives access to advanced healthcare services for both clinicians as well as patients. One of the leading services and solutions provider for Cloud-based IT healthcare, MTBT, Inc., has announced the release of its video telehealth solutions for selected addiction medicine and behavioral health professionals. MTBC plans to launch its telehealth solution for all talkEHR™ clients this year but acknowledging call-to-action given by the White House, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and many other clinical organizations, the company has decided to offer telehealth solutions to clinicians who are currently fighting the opioid epidemic. While talking about this technology, Chief Medical Officer of MTBC, Dr. Bertman said that MTBT has launched this technology by considering scale, scope and intensity of this epidemic. MTBC’s technology could remove one of the biggest obstacles for patients and enable them to be in face to face virtual environment with qualified clinicians. Reportedly, the company’s telehealth solutions are integrated with its number of solutions like mobile medical and billing solutions. With the help of this single certified platform, clinical of talkEHR™ can complete total telemedical or in-person encounter including, documenting, coding, scheduling, and billing. Moreover, with advanced integrated telemedicine features, clinicians can connect remotely with the help of HIPAA-compliant video technology and offer reimbursable care for patients. According to Dr. Gagandeep Goyal, MD, Medical Director of Addiction Wellness Services, Illinois, doctors can easily reach patients in rural areas via telehealth solutions. He claims that, with this integration, he will be able to connect with his patients faster, which can make a huge difference between life and death. About MTBC MTBC, Inc., is one of the leading healthcare information technology company which offers fully integrated exclusive services like cloud-based solutions as well as business services to the healthcare sector across the United States. The company’s integrated SaaS platform helps its customers to streamline workflows increase revenues and make better business and clinical decisions with reduced administrative burdens and operating costs. Source Credit - https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2019/09/10/1913447/0/en/MTBC-Deploys-Video-Telehealth-Service-to-Clinicians-Fighting-Opioid-Epidemic.html