• The renewable energy company has signed an offer with a chief offshore wind development company to enhance its wind resources in Hecate Strait.
  • The agreement is expected to provide a technical expertise and create a skeleton for a healthy and a successful relationship.
The British Columbia based NaiKun Wind Energy Group Incorporation reportedly announced signing a demonstrative offer with a wind development company to build up its world class wind resources in Haida Strait, closer to Haida Gwaii inside the customary region of the Haida Nation. It has been reported that, the companies are working to negotiate and ink an authoritative agreement in the following couple of weeks. The agreement, with the involvement of the chief offshore wind company is expected to offer driving edge technical expertise, financial assets, and would set up a structure for an unending and healthy relationship. Speaking on the matter, the President and CEO of Naikun Wind, Michael O’Connor reportedly stated that the company is elated to have taken the step of signing the agreement to make a move forward into an important development phase following the rigorous work schedule and lengthy engagements with the different offshore wind companies. Additionally, the company looks forward to initiating an advanced and positive alliance with the Haida Nation. Apparently, the company is expected to provide further updates about the project on the signing of the authoritative agreement. As per trusted reports, NaiKun has brought to attention that the negotiations over the definitive agreements have not yet been established completely. It states that the final agreement, when successfully concluded, would be subjected to stakeholder, supervisory and TSX Venture Exchange approval. For the records, NaiKun Incorporation formed in 1957 and headquartered in Vancouver, Canada is a renewable energy company.  The company’s offshore wind project is situated on the British Columbia’s northwest coast which provides the powerful wind resource in the world. Off late, the companys stock dropped over 65 per cent in the last 5 years. Source credit: https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2019/08/21/1905157/0/en/NaiKun-Wind-Announces-the-Signing-of-an-Offer-for-the-Development-of-its-Offshore-Wind-Project-in-Hecate-Strait.html