Nestlé breaks into the luxury chocolate market with £25 KitKat bars

Demand for premium chocolate products has surged exponentially across the globe leading several chocolate manufacturers to bring in new products into the market that lure consumers that crave for high quality premium chocolate products as well as offer a strategic business advantage to companies over potential rivals. Nestle has done a similar thing recently by launching a new luxurious, handmade selection in its famous KitKat brand that breaks away from the traditional two-finger chocolate bar. According to sources, the food giant will be introducing its new chocolate bars, that would be retailed under its latest upmarket chocolatey range, with over 1,500 different combinations of flavors to opt from. Apparently, the new KitKat Chocolatory will allow consumers to create their own eight-finger bar, letting them to choose either white, dark, milk, or ruby chocolate to coat their bar with, while enabling adding a maximum of three ingredients such as meringue, mini marshmallows, toasted coconut and honeycomb to name a few. Notably, the new products will be offered in a presentation box and will be available at 30 John Lewis branches between 26 September to 24 December. It will also be available on Nestle’s website, which is scheduled to launch in November 2019. Reports claim the move would be the brand’s major development ever since the arrival of the KitKat Chunky, which was 20 years ago. Moreover, the firm is planning to launch six special edition flavors involving nuttylicious and gin and tonic which would retail at £7.50. Incidentally, KitKat also made some strides in the doughnut range recently when it announced that it would be joining forces with Krispy Kreme Doughnuts to develop the new product that customers can enjoy either with milk chocolate or white chocolate KitKat variety, both costing around £1.90. Source Credit: