• The collaboration aims at providing enhanced levels of safety in head protection
  • ARK helmet provides 38% reduction in strain to the brain in the event of an impact
U.S. based testing laboratories company- National Technical Systems, Inc. has reportedly partnered with AES R&D in order to perform virtual and physical testing of anti-rotational kinematic (ARK) helmet, particularly in sports. Reportedly, ARK helmet machinery was developed by AES R&D – a Maryland headquartered company that carries out research and design innovations in head-protection systems. For the record, the ARK technology is designed to avoid head as well as helmet from spinning during an impactful situation which may lead to any form of brain damage. The ARK system permits the outer shell of the helmet to move during an impact. However, the inner shell of the helmet remains stable, restricting the movement of the skull and brain during a collision. The collaboration permits NTS to test the impact in its laboratory and operate virtual simulations using the AES R&D Biofidelic brain and head model developed by John Hopkins University. NTS may precisely assess the impact by studying the data from both physical and virtual spaces. Apparently, NTS is the sole testing laboratory that is capable of converting the virtual simulation technology by AES to physical testing solution. NTS has digitally produced its physical testing models that quickly measure the linear, angular and acceleration impact on the brain. According to Rich Adams, CEO of NTS, the ARK helmet has been designed to render safety and reliability to military personnel, athletes, law enforcement and others. By running virtual tests and then translating them to physical testing in the laboratory, the NTS engineers will be able to deliver thorough assessment of helmet technology currently prevailing in the market, he further added. The virtual Biofidelic brain model will be globally available for helmet brands and manufactures by 2020 through NTS.     Source Credits: https://www.nts.com/services/education/press-releases/nts-collaborates-with-aes-rd-to-reduce-sport-related-concussions-using-breakthrough-helmet-technology-and-virtual-simulations/