Nuheara (NUH), a renowned developer of hearing technology, has reportedly unveiled plans to launch IQbuds MAX, its next gen hearable technology. The company develops small earbuds and personal hearing devices that change the lives of people with hearing impairments by enhancing their hearing power. The IQbuds MAX, build on the company’s new innovative and smart hearing platform, features hybrid active noise cancellation and features for personalizing and enhancing the soundscape of the wearer. Major developments include advanced digital signal processing, sonic accuracy, true personalization, hybrid active noise cancellation and situational sound. The device has been redesigned by the latest acoustic technology, EarID. This technology and SINC (Speech in Noise Control) improves normal hearing and allows users to fine tune their hearing experience. Justin Miller, CEO, Nuheara, stated that the company has incorporated key engineering enhancements like design features that can fit more processing power into a comfortable earbud and better drivers for enhanced accuracy. Miller further claimed that the company had been able to bring out the IQbuds MAX soon because of various software and hardware achievements in the past year. The IQbuds MAX would replace the previously announced IQbuds MAX. The company is planning to demonstrate its superiority for the very first time at CES Unveiled in Las Vegas. The shares of Nuheara remain flat with a trading of 3.6 cents each. About Nuheara: Nuheara is a smart hearing company based in Australia that is transforming the way people hear by creating hearing solutions that are accessible as well as affordable. The company’s mission is to enhance the lives of people by allowing them to smoothly listen, connect and communicate to their physical as well as digital world. It is the very first consumer wearables technology company to be listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). In 2016, the company released its revolutionary IQbuds™, which are wireless earbuds that allow its users to intensify their hearing in accordance to their personal hearing preferences as well as connect hands free with their voice-enabled smart devices. Source credit: