Eagle Alpha Limited, a provider of alternate data solutions to vendors & buyers recently announced partnership with LinkUp, a data-driven job search company. Eagle Alpha plans to integrate LinkUp data to its Eagle Edge platform, cites source. For the record, Eagle Edge is an alternative data platform that enables analysts to work with alternative data without the need for additional data science & data engineering. It makes datasets easily consumable via intuitive dashboards customized for every individual dataset. With the assistance of Eagle Edge, users can access extensive range of alternate datasets across social media, online pricing, online search & the range of datasets is rapidly growing. LinkUp is a data-driven job search company that provides job seekers with premium job search experience, insightful job market data & valuable exposure for employers. Its patented technology catalogues millions of jobs every day from employer websites. With the help of its exclusive technology, LinkUp creates largest & high-quality index of global listings. The listings consist of 150 million jobs from over 45,000 companies. Ronan Crosson, Director of Data Analytics, Eagle Alpha was reportedly quoted saying that LinkUp has the highest quality job listings in the market & fits perfectly with the goal data analytics to democratize data by providing powerful & actionable datasets in easy formats to clients. Toby Dayton, CEO, LinkUp, was reportedly quoted saying that the data analytics partnership with Eagle Alpha is expected to enable a powerful visualization of LinkUp employment data. The Eagle Edge platform will enable users to easily understand & use employment data & incorporate it into their workflow. People who have not been big consumers of raw datasets, will be readily understanding the data, as visualization makes the data more accessible, Dayton added. As per credible sources, followed by the launch, LinkUp dataset on Eagle Edge will cover 1,500 US stocks across all major sectors. The personalized visualization on Eagle Edge allows users to explore hiring trend by job title at a company, by region & by aggregate sector level. Source credits : https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20190605005437/en/Eagle-Alpha-Announces-Data-Analytics-Partnership-LinkUp