Perceptron, Inc., a leading provider of automated metrology solutions and 3D Vision for robot guidance, has recently received an order from a global automotive manufacturer. The company will be working on delivering an absolute in-line measuring system for vehicle bodies by integrating its breakthrough AccuSite technology. AccuSite uses the same sensor and system controller to automatically scan surfaces and measure various features as per the CMM accuracy level. According to Rick Van Valkenburg, VP of Global Sales and Marketing division at Perception, the technological capabilities of AccuSite have significantly impacted and are well-matched with the current consumers’ demand. These technological capabilities include the functioning of multiple trackers with high level of CMM accuracy that are specified in accordance to international standards. Through the adoption of traceable, accurate, and high-speed measurement results on the plant site, customers can effectively carry out multiple tasks in real-time, including inspection process and overall productivity development. Mr. Valkenburg further added that the differentiating factor that enabled Perceptron to win this project is its acceptance of customers’ pre-defined robot and communication standards instead of overlooking them to adopt the one-size-fits-all system. The AccuSite Trackers perform holistic functions of monitoring and recording robots’ position as well as eliminating instability in mechanical and thermal readings. These results are then displayed at the station for further containment, assessment and storage leveraging the full suite of Perceptron’s data analytics for future analysis. 6 AccuSite Trackers are used in 4 Helixevo sensors-equipped robots for accomplishing tasks of scanning 75 features on the Body-In-White assembly. Perceptron consistently push itself forward towards growth by acknowledging customers’ feedback. It incorporates the installation, design, manufacturing, and support of non-contract metrology and robot guidance into AccuSite, with over 40 years of innovation experience. This consideration further results in the formation of zero-compromise solutions for customers and partners. Source credit: