With rising levels of health-consciousness and awareness among consumers and the growing need for health tracking devices, numerous scientific innovations are coming into existence. One such innovation has recently been developed by digital health company Readout Health. Readout Health has reportedly emerged out of stealth and launched a new Class 1 medical device, dubbed BIOSENSE™. This is the first IP-protected and highly accurate device for nutritional ketosis tracking, using multiple breath samples per day to enable people to personalize and chart their health journey seamlessly. Metabolism levels differ from individual to individual, depending on gender, age and various distinct factors. This high-accuracy, easy solution allows people to perform regular tests to record their metabolic pattern. BIOSENSE™ help people analyze their metabolic reaction to foods and maintain their body’s nutritional ketosis. This device was developed to cater to the needs of health enthusiasts and fit in easily with their daily schedules. It offers high resolution data pertaining to ketones and nutritional ketosis feedback to the users via a pocket-size device. The device’s mobile app allows users to keep track of and personalize their ketosis journey. Readout Health CEO, Jim Howard was recently quoted as stating that BIOSENSE is the first easy-to-use, highly accurate tracking device designed to help users gain a better understanding of their metabolic system. This, he claims, will help make diets like keto and low-carb more efficient, feasible and maintainable through personalization. He further added that the creation of this device was a result of the growing market demand for effective tracking tools which will allow weight or performance-conscious users to keep a watch on their metabolic journey throughout the day. For the record, Readout Health is a digital health company based in St. Louis, Missouri. The company has secured investments worth nearly $1.2 million to date, from various venture backers including iSelect Funds and BioGenerator, among others. Source Credit: https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/nutritional-ketosis-easier-to-track-with-new-class-1-medical-device-by-readout-health-1028757297