Sonoma Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has reportedly obtained a new Conformité Européenne (CE) Marking for the Microdacyn60® Eye Care that is based on its patented Microcyn® Technology. The company develops and produces stabilized HOCl (hypochlorous acid) products for a broad range of applications such as eye care, wound care, & dermatological conditions.

Marketed as Acuicyn™ Antimicrobial Eyelid & Eyelash Hygiene solution in the U.S., the formulation is used as an efficacious and safe method of cleansing and removing foreign materials stuck around the eye and eyelashes/eyelids. The performance stabilized HOCl of Sonoma can be adopted safely around the mouth, nose, ears, and eyes without stinging or toxicity. HOCl is at the heart of the Acuicyn & Microdacyn60® Eye Care.

Additionally, Sonoma also has announced a new license, supply, and distribution agreement for 10 years with Brill International S.L., its distribution partner. The deal has been formed to market Ocudox™-labelled eye care products in the European markets of the UK, Portugal, Spain, Germany, and Italy, subject to the minimum purchase requirements of Brill International. The highly successful partnership of Brill with Sonoma previously covered only the Portuguese and Spanish markets.

According to Amy Trombly, Sonoma’s CEO, the company is excited about the reaffirmation from the EU for its patented Microcyn Technology products. This technology has several applications used for treating a multiple symptoms & conditions. The company also aims at enhancing its partnership with Brill and increasing its eye care offerings in Europe.

Dr. Jordi Martínez Rotllan, Brill’s director, has stated that the recent partnership deal will expand the availability of Ocudox in other key European markets. According to Dr. Rotllan, the company has maintained a track record of successfully marketing Ocudox in Portugal and Spain. It is the reference product for treating blepharitis & the only HOCl ophthalmic product available in the market. The recently obtained CE marking will help open the market to a safe & effective eye formulation as well as increase sales in other territories.

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