Premiere Packaging Industries, Inc., has recently been acquired by Spicer Paper which is a division of Central National Gottesman Inc. (CNG), one of the world’s largest distributers of paper, pulp, packaging, tissue, plywood and newsprint, expanding into one of the fastest growing segments of the industry, reports source. For the record, Premiere Packaging Industries, based in Southern California, is a full-service packaging supply distributor, that has been founded in 1999. The company specializes in providing customers with custom and stock poly and corrugated products, used in a varied sectors, primarily in manufacturing & large-scale operations. Andrew Wallach, President of CNG and Chief Executive Officer, said that their enterprise has been committed during the past years to developing capabilities within the packaging industry. The North American Distribution Business of the firm is dedicated to accelerating growth by providing a wide range of packaging products to customers and the acquisition of Premiere Packaging is consistent with the strategy, adds Andrew, sites source. As per sources, Wallach further added that he expects PPI President, John Luyben to continue building the strong foundation which CNG has built over last 20 years. Luyben is expected to report to Spicers’ President Jan Gottesman. Premiere Packaging Industries will retain its name and continue to operate independently. Gottesman said that their Spicers Paper team is looking forward to welcoming the PPI team, along with sharing core strength of technology, logistics and product availability, expanding the packaging business throughout the West. He acknowledges that PPI has immense expertise in the packaging industry that will be an advantage to all their packaging customers in the future. Spicers Paper is a privately owned, independent paper merchant, providing services in the U.S. and is committed to its core business of commercially printing papers and ongoing investments. It has been expanding into growth areas such as wide-format packaging, digital products. Source credits: