Spring Bank Pharmaceuticals, a renowned US-based biopharmaceutical firm engaged in the development and discovery of new class of medicines from its small molecule nucleic acid hybrid (SMNH) chemical platform, reportedly announced that it has started dosing patients in Phase 1 study of SB 11285. SB 11285 is Spring’s IV administered STimulator of INterferon Gene (STING) agonist. The Phase 1 study looks to evaluate the initial anti-tumor activity, safety and tolerability of the IV SB 11285 agonist in patients suffering from advanced solid tumors. Additionally, SB 11285 is currently being investigated for the therapy of selected cancers like certain colo-rectal cancers, lung cancers, breast cancers and melanoma. In vivo and in vitro preclinical outcomes signify that this agonist could be used as a treatment option for a variety of tumors in different anatomic sites. It also has the capability to improve the activity of certain therapeutic modalities like PARP inhibitors, immune checkpoint inhibitors, and other chemotherapeutics. Vice President and Head of Oncology/Immunology Development, Spring Bank, Atif Abbas stated that the company is thrilled to report that that it was able to dose SB 11285 intravenously to the first trial participant in the Phase I study of advanced solid tumors. The company worked with its principal investigators in the U.S to achieve this milestone. Abbas further added that Spring Bank looks forward to collaborating with a prominent team of clinical investigators to evaluate the tolerability, safety and anti-tumor activity of the company’s IV-administered STING agonist SB 11285. The evaluation of SB 11285 would be done during the monotherapy and in combination with a number of checkpoint inhibitor dose escalation stages of the Phase 1 study. SB 11285 is initiated intravenously as opposed to be administered intratumorally like other STING agonist currently under progress. The company believes that the primary benefit of dosing SB 11285 using the intravenous route is the potential capability to treat a wider array of patients and cancers within the community oncology treatment setting. Recently, Spring Bank announced outcomes of the initial cohort of phase 2 study exploring Low-Dose Inarigivir Plus Vemlidy® administered in patients suffering from chronic hepatitis B.   Source credit: https://ir.springbankpharm.com/news-releases/news-release-details/spring-bank-announces-dosing-patients-phase-1-clinical-trial-iv?field_nir_news_date_value%5bmin%5d=2019