Telix Pharmaceuticals Ltd., a clinical-stage biotechnology company, has recently struck a collaboration and technology licensing agreement with AusHealth for a novel MTR (Molecularly Targeted Radiation) platform dubbed APOMAB®, targeted towards ovarian and lung cancers. According to reliable sources, the partnership will involve funding a human clinical trial for the drug to help researchers get a better sense of the effects of targeted radiation therapy on cancer patients. Reportedly, Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) supported the development of APOMAB, where AusHealth was involved as a research partner. The company is also expected to observe the trial process, with AusHealth and Telix each investing A$300,000 to fund the evaluation. For the uninitiated, APOMAB uses antibodies to offer radiation to cancer cells that express the La/SSB protein. It has the potential to be used for numerous cancer indications, with ovarian and lung cancers being the initial focus. According to Greg Johansen, MD & CEO, AusHealth, Telix has brought in important radiochemistry know-how and commercial expertise to the table. The combined capability of Prof. Michael Brown’s world-class team at RAH and Telix represents the best possible collaborative effort to bring this vital technology to patients, Greg said. As for Dr. Christian Behrenbruch, CEO, Telix, targeted radiation has good clinical efficacy in many different types of cancer. The APOMAB approach could enable its use modality in several new cancer indications that are not currently targeted by Telix. He added that their firm is co-investing with AusHealth to fast-track an initial clinical proof-of-concept to assess the clinical potential as well as understand this technology’s potential application with other radiochemistry innovations currently being developed by Telix. Moreover, Telix has high regard for Prof. Brown and his team and are pleased to support them along with AusHealth to bring APOMAB to the clinic, Behrenbruch said. Source Credit: