Global provider of cutting-edge consulting and engineering services, Tetra Tech, Inc., has reportedly revealed that the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has awarded the firm a five-year term, single-award SINAR (Sustainable Energy for the Indonesia’s Advancing Resilience) contract worth $38.8 million in order to support the country in delivering reliable as well as sustainable energy services.

For the record, Tetra Tech has over 20,000 associates working together to provide clear solutions to complex problems with regard to water, environment, sustainable infrastructure, and renewable energies.

As per the USAID SINAR contract, energy specialists from Tetra Tech will come up with innovative solutions to speed up the adoption of sustainable energy systems, at the same time promoting the transparent and consistent policies, as well as modernizing the utility services.

Apparently, the consulting services company will collaborate with USAID and the Government of Indonesia to attain its sustainable development goals for the energy sector that includes proliferating and improving the energy services whilst increasing the use of renewable energy resources. It would also promote the integration of smart grid technologies with battery storage to effectively distribute sustainable and renewable energies in a bid to drive the fundamental transformation of the energy sector.

As per the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Tetra Tech, Dan Batrack, the company has been working on USAID’s sustainable energy programs across Indonesia for over 10 years. He also expressed pleasure in continuing the use of their Leading with Science approach that would pave the way for resilient energy solutions for the residents of the Asian country.

Previously, the company had also announced that it would lend support to USAID to promote the deployment of renewable energies in the Republic of Zambia in the southern part of Africa to curb deforestation following a five-year term $25 million contract.

Revealing insights on the same, the CEO had stated that the company had offered support to USAID for green energy promotions and management of Africa's natural resources for 40 years.

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