Premium fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger has reportedly announced its intention to incorporate 3D design technology into its Amsterdam-based global apparel design teams. This decision is likely to serve as a major step in the company’s ambitious aim to digitize their end-to-end design processes. The company plans to leverage its own proprietary 3D design platform to design the entire style collection for the Spring 2022 season. Tommy Hilfiger and PVH Europe CEO, Daniel Grieder has apparently commented on the vast scope of 3D design, stating that the 3D technology is fast becoming a vital component of their collection design processes with the potential to speed up market delivery as well as completely replace conventional product photography. He further went on to tout 3D as the future of fashion design and said that the Tommy Hilfiger men’s dress shirt line for the Fall 2020 season would be 100% 3D designed, sans sample productions and would be nearly indistinguishable from styles designed previously through conventional trends. The brand is making immense strides in their quest to achieve design digitization, with the development of their own tech incubator named STITCH. Since the beginning of Tommy Hilfiger’s 3D design journey, several teams including 3D design specialists, software engineers and transformation experts have worked tirelessly to enable the seamless transition of the brand’s design activities to the digital platform. These efforts include the creation of an asset library for color, pattern and fabrics in addition to rendering technologies and digital 3D presentation tools. The brand is aiming towards a quick and smooth transition to Digital Showrooms, through the rapid conversion of conventional design and sample production into innovative virtual processes. The STITCH Academy is providing training and guidance to associates from over 50% apparel sections at the Tommy Hilfiger global headquarters, thus enabling the integration of the technology into over 20 product collections to date. Source Credit: