Vapor IO, provider of edge colocation and networking services and creator of Kinetic Edge Exchange & Kinetic Edge platform, recently announced an additional investment by Berkshire Partners & Crown Castle. The private equity firm has raised Vapor IO’s aggregate Series C funding to USD 90 million. With 20 cities underway, Vapor IO is positioned as the largest provider of interconnected edge facilities in the U.S. Its services are already deployed in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, and Pittsburgh, while another 16 markets are pre-construction stage, most of which Vapor IO expects to build out in 2020. Apparently, the latest funding is expected to boost the firm’s build-out of its coast-to-coast Kinetic Edge platform. Cole Crawford, founder & CEO, Vapor IO was reportedly quoted saying that the Third Act of the Internet is creating a huge requirement for expanded edge computing infrastructure. By deploying Kinetic Edge exchange, colocation & networking services across major markets in U.S., the firm already provides a platform to deliver low-latency edge resources at the intersection of the wireless and wireline networks. Crawford added saying that with a total of 36 multi-site markets going online over the next 2 years, the company is looking forward to becoming the largest provider of edge colocation, edge exchange services and edge networking in close proximity to the last mile networks. The largest carriers, CDNs, cloud providers, innovative private enterprises and web-scale companies across the U.S. place their storage, compute and networking technologies in Kinetic Edge locations. These locations are strategically located near the existing wireless and wired access networks, including emergent 5G wireless networks. The unique edge architecture of Vapor IO builds a city-sized logical data centers by merging geographically discrete micro data centers into a single unit on a metropolitan basis. Source Credit: