Prostate cancer is a deadly cancer type in which infected cells break away from the tumor and travel through blood vessels to spread in other parts of the body. Up till now, therapies have been used to slow down the progression of prostate cancer in the body. However, various pharmaceutical firms are now developing new and advanced therapies in order to eliminate this disease completely. Veru Inc., a biopharmaceutical company that develops novel treatments for prostate cancer, recently made some developments when it revealed that it has attained full enrollment for the Phase 2 clinical trial of zuclomiphene citrate, the new treatment for ADT (androgen deprivation hormone therapy) induced hot flashes in men who suffer from advanced prostate cancer. Speaking on the announcement, Mitchell Steiner, M.D., Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Veru, said that the company’s proprietary drug zuclomiphene citrate is likely to become the first-ever treatment which was cleared by the FDA for treating most common side effects of ADT as hot flashes occur in around 80% of men. Steiner added that hot flashes caused due to ADT could be very critical and may cause early or delay in discontinuation of ADT. According to reliable sources, the treatment of the clinical trials would last up to 12 weeks and would be performed in 24 clinical centers located across the United States. Moreover, the primary endpoint of this trial is to test the frequency of severe to moderate hot flashes. Whereas the secondary endpoints involve development in bone markers and severity of hot flashes. Earlier this year, Veru had also made headlines when it announced that it has added an exclusive drug candidate, VERU-100 to its strong pipeline of prostate cancer drug development, which treats advanced hormone sensitive prostate cancer. Reportedly, the FDA gave a green signal to expedite the drug’s regulatory procedures. The drug was internally developed with the help of Drug Delivery Experts LLC. Commenting on the event, Steiner said that the company continues to implement its strategy to become the leading firm that treats prostate cancer by advancing and expanding its rich portfolio of last stage exclusive oncology drugs for advanced prostate cancer. Source Credit: