Verve Coffee extends ready-to-drink Nitro Flash Brew product line

  • The extended product range includes Single Origin, the Original and Vancouver Decaf coffee blends
  • The product is available at a price of USD 3.99 across Verve cafés, selected retail stores and company website
Santa Cruz headquartered specialty coffee company – Verve Coffee Roasters has reportedly announced an extension of its ready-to-drink (RTD) brand Nitro Flash Brew coffee line with single-origin and is one of the first few to provide a Decaf option. Reportedly, the latest versions were developed after positive reviews of Nitro Flash Brew Coffee- which was the first RTD canned beverage by the company launched in the year 2018. Notably, increasing demand for on-the-go beverages due to changing lifestyle patterns is supporting the demand for Nitro Flash Brew Coffee. The company strongly believes in developing cold ready-to-drink coffees with the same quality, precision, and techniques as that of its craft coffees provided in its cafés. For the record, the expanded product line of Nitro Flash Brew coffee comprises of Single Origin, The Original and Vancouver Decaf. The single-origin coffee blend contains hints of black cherry, lime, and florals. The Original is created to balance the sweetness and acidity for people who drink coffee regularly while the Vancouver decaf is majorly for cold-coffee drinkers. As per reliable sources, the Nitro Flash Blew beverage offered by Verve is created using a special brewing mechanism and starts with the finest quality of directly traded coffee. After accurate extraction with the help of a hot brewing process in an oxygen-free environment with the use of advanced brewing tools, the coffee is chilled and infused with nitrogen which removes the remaining oxygen. The end result is a unique, silky brew which may taste flavorless, bitter or even stale. Ryan O’ Donovan, Co-founder of Verve Coffee, claims that the company is constantly experimenting with novel brewing techniques to enhance craft coffee experience. With an increasing number of people drinking coffee worldwide, ready to drink coffee beverages must be made using high-quality coffee blend and clean ingredients.   Source Credits: