WISeKey International Holding Ltd, a cyber-security company, has recently announced its partnership with a leading Blockchain-based platform, IoTeX.

Under the partnership deal, WISeKey and IoTeX will combine Blockchain technology and secure hardware to develop tools for verifiably secure manufacturing. The project will adopt secure semiconductors for enhanced auditability, integrity, and authenticity of the processes and input materials. In order to ensure process integrity, authentic materials, as well as high-quality test results, Blockchain entries will also be created. This integration will enable manufacturers to demonstrate products’ integrity and quality, which will find widespread applications across various market verticals.

Through the partnership, the two companies will merge the data authenticity & integrity benefits of tamper-resistant hardware with the immutability & decentralization properties of Blockchain. The combined technology will drive the quality control from the common ‘proof-of-output’ to ‘proof-of-input’ & ‘proof-of-process’.

IoTeX’s co-founder, Raullen Chai, has reportedly commented on the company’s anticipation of partnering with WISeKey and bringing verifiable trust to the manufacturing process. The expertise of WISeKey in manufacturing and utilizing microchips with secure hardware complements the company’s platform, which will help expand the vision of its trusted IoT solutions in the future.

Blockchain-enabled 3D printer is a specific use case, which had been selected as all the manufacturing aspects can be represented as Blockchain transactions. WiSePrint will ensure the authenticity of the inputs, while VaultIC will improve the process integrity and output quality. All the data & metadata related to input & process verification will then be ‘time-stamped’ to the Blockchain, enabling stakeholders to verify the data.

WISeKey Semiconductors’ General Manager, Bernard Vian, has also spoken about the company’s plan to extend the reach & capabilities of microchips and manufacturing security under its partnership with IoTeX. According to Vian, the team of experts at IoTeX in the Blockchain domain and real-world use cases significantly align with WISeKey’s vision to ensure traceability in manufacturing.

The two companies will demonstrate their co-developed solutions in testbeds and enterprise forums, such as IIC (Industrial Internet Consortium).

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