Saturday, December, 14, 2019 05:42:13

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Agios establishes proof-of-concept based on Phase 2 data of AG-348

Agios Pharmaceuticals, a renowned public American pharmaceutical firm aimed at developing small-molecule anti-cancer therapeutics, reportedly announced that it established clinical proof-of-concept for AG-348 (mitapivat) on the basis of Phase 2 trial results. The Phase 2 trial was conducted on patients suffering from non-transfusion-dependent thalassemia. AG-348 …

EpicentRx posts positive Phase 1 RRx-001 trial data for GBM treatment

Several Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs), rising initiatives from governments of different countries related to cancer awareness, increasing prevalence of cancer across the globe, and rising R&D initiatives and clinical studies from various biopharmaceutical companies are growing cancer treatment options. EpicentRx, Inc., a US based immunotherapy …