Usage of renewable energy, and by extension, installation of solar panels has witnessed a substantial growth lately due to increasing environmental awareness and advancements in clean energy generation technologies. Various global firms are investing in the solar panel business with existing firms witnessing an exponential business growth both in their respective nations and overseas. Risen Energy Co., Ltd, a China based solar energy optimizer, reportedly announced that it has inked a new agreement to provide 8 MW of solar modules to a ground power facility located in Poland. The project would exclusively utilize the company’s 300W single crystal high-efficiency modules, which began shipping at August end. Production planning Manager of Risen Energy stated that the company would deliver best-quality modules rightly on time using efficient production planning control. Construction of the facility would begin in November and is projected to complete by the end of 2019. This facility would be the only big ground photovoltaics power station of its type across the region. The Chinese firm also signed an order to supply 6.6MW module to provide efficient 330W polycrystalline modules to another Polish project. The second power station’s construction is scheduled to begin in October under a partnership with local EPCs, it is expected to complete and get connected to the power station grid before 2020. Sales director of Risen Energy Europe, Wu Meizhong stated that Poland’s geographical position right on the primary axis of land route of China’s Belt and Road Initiative only means that this would be a crucial initiative for Poland in the coming 10, 20 or 30 years. Meizhong added that according to the company, the Poland energy market is new, having great potential. New changes in the country’s energy bill are further anticipated to boost the construction of various PV power projects that are under development across the country. Meizhong further stated that the company would continue to strengthen its cooperation with regional distributors and promote the power station developments across the Polish market, serving a greater number of customers with better quality products. Recently, the energy firm has extended its presence across overseas markets that exist along China’s Belt and Road Initiative and has become a leader in the creation of clean-energy infrastructure. Source credit: