SECI would be consulting on the management of the project and will also monitor their performances post commissioning Reports indicate that the Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) has recently issued a tender to set up solar power projects of total 14 MWh capacity with 42 MWh battery energy storage system in Kargil and Leh division. Apparently, each of the projects would have a capacity of 7 MW with a 21 MWh battery storage. It has been recently reported by Mercom that these projects will be established on a build-own-operate basis. To set up these solar projects, the land would be facilitated by Kargil Renewable Energy Development Agency (KREDA) and Ladakh Renewable Energy Development Agency (LREDA). Further from the reports, this program would be executed by the SECI, who would also be acting as a project management consultant for this complete project. It will include the process of finalizing the detailed project report, selecting the solar project developer, management of project until its testing, commissioning, as well as executing the project by the project developer. Sources familiar with the matter cited that SECI would monitor the projects’ performances post commissioning and would also be responsible for releasing of Viability Gap Funding (VGF) and the fund management. As service charges, SECI would be paid 3 percent of the total VGF disbursed.