Siemens Gamesa, a renowned Spanish engineering company, reportedly launched its new products, an offshore wind turbine named Siemens Gamesa 11.0-193 DD Flex and the SG DD Flex concept at the 2019 WindEurope Offshore Conference & Exhibition. The SG 11.0-193 offshore wind turbine is built on the biggest offshore wind turbine and can attain a volume of 11 MW under specific conditions. CEO at Siemens Gamesa Offshore Business Unit, Andreas Nauen, reportedly stated that the new offshore wind turbine is an example that shows how Siemens Gamesa has worked constantly towards improving performance and providing benefits to ratepayers, customers, and the society. Nauen further added, while keeping the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE) down, digitalization allows the company to boost the capacity of its current machine to 11 MW, thereby enhancing its yearly energy production. This in turn helps SG customers to deliver more reliable, clean energy to its end users at a very low price. The new offshore wind turbine features a rotor which is 193-meter in diameter and uses the 94-meter long SG B94 Integral Blades. Consistent digital observations are handled by control systems, thereby expanding the capacity up to 11 MW. The turbine has been developed based upon SGRE’s almost decade old expertise and deep understanding in the company’s proven technology of offshore direct drive. SGRE, using its Direct Drive technology, will be soon installing offshore turbine number 1,000. These newly launched turbines have been installed across all major global markets such as Germany, Denmark, UK, Belgium, Taiwan, and The Netherlands to name a few. Moreover, the company has also received orders for 1,000 more Direct Drive SGRE Offshore turbines with installations planned across the aforementioned markets as well as new markets in France, Japan and USA. About Siemens Gamesa: Siemens Gamesa is a global technology leader based in Spain. The company manufactures wind turbines and provides onshore and offshore wind services. It also specializes in production, installation, development and maintenance of wind turbines. Source credit: