Renewable energy sources have the potential to become the solution to the long-standing environmental and energy challenges faced by numerous countries. Organizations around the world have been investing in renewable sources for a sustainable future, targeting not only energy but also employment and economic opportunities. Similar instance made headline recently when, for the first time in over 10 years, wind turbines would be assembled in Australia after Vestas Wind Systems A/S (Vestas), one of the leading manufacturers of wind turbines in the world, launched the Vestas Renewable Energy Hub, located at the old Ford factory in Victoria. According to reports, over 20 workers are already working onsite, assembling 50 drive trains and 100 turbine hubs for the 180MW Berrybank Wind Farm and the 336 MW Dundonnell Wind Farm. According to the sources, Vestas Renewable Energy Hub is expected to invest around $3.5 million in various dimensions to grow the local wind energy sector, including a new Service, Logistic and Training Centre near Grovedale for storage and service of turbines and turbine components. Vestas has partnered with Marand Precision Engineering, a Geelong-based company, for the hub’s establishment and to provide personnel through the local force. Sources cite that on account of the partnership with Federation University, hundreds of local workers would also receive training on wind turbine maintenance. Moreover, the research partnership with Deakin University could help the company in developing wind turbine blades out of carbon fiber. Previously, Vestas scored over 1GW of turbine orders across Australia, which also includes the supply contract for the 184MW Warradarge Wind Farm, located in Western Australia. The development of two new Berrybank and Dundonnell wind farms is under construction. These wind farms are being supported by Andrews Labor Government’s Victorian Renewable Energy Target Reverse Auction. According to sources, the establishment of the VREH will assist Berrybank Wind Farm and Dundonnell Wind Farm to deliver their local commitment in terms of Victorian Industry Participation Policy, creating more local jobs. Source Credit -